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Use BRAIN to make decisions that feel right for you and your baby

Liverpool Women’s Hospital are implementing B.R.A.I.N, a decision-making tool to help you decide the best treatment options for you and your baby.

As you progress through your pregnancy you will have many choices and decisions, for example should I have antenatal tests? Should I plan a pool birth or a caesarean birth? Should I have my labour induced?

Sometimes a course of action is presented as a given but you always have choices.

The BRAIN tool provides a logical approach to helping you talk through all available options throughout your pregnancy with your consultant and/or midwife. 

What does B.R.A.I.N stands for?

  • Benefits - What are the benefits of making this decision?
  • Risks - What are the risks associated with this decision?
  • Alternatives - Are there any alternatives?
  • Intuition - How do I feel? What does my ‘gut’ tell me?
  • Nothing - What if I decide to do nothing/wait and see? What happens next?

You can download an information sheet to print out and complete here.

You can also watch a helpful video for more information here:

If you have any questions regarding BRAIN please do not hesitate to speak with your Community Midwife or consultant at your next appointment.