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Where to have your baby

Here at Liverpool Women’s, we want your birthing experience to be as positive and fulfilling as we can make it. It is often a personal choice in terms of where you want to have your baby and for that reason we offer three options: our midwifery-led unit; the consultant-led unit or home birth. The nature of your pregnancy may determine which of the three options best suits your needs.

  • Home Birth

    Many women are choosing to give birth at home because they see giving birth as a normal physiological process rather than an illness and therefore feel no need to go into hospital. It is suitable for women who are considered to be low risk or have no underlying medical conditions. As part of an informed choice any woman, including first time mums can have a home birth, although they are more likely to be transferred to hospital for pain relief or following a prolonged labour than those who have had babies before. There are real advantages of giving birth in relaxing and familiar surroundings. It is worth noting that you won’t have access to every kind of pain relief, such as an epidural, and that if complications do develop you may need to be transferred to hospital. If you are considered high risk and still wish to have your baby at home, you will usually meet with our Consultant Midwife to devise a suitable plan of care.

    Liverpool Women's Midwife at Home Team

    The Liverpool Women’s Midwife at Home Team are a group of experienced midwives, dedicated to providing midwifery care throughout the pregnancy journey to low-risk women who are considering giving birth at home.

    Supported by our community midwives, the Liverpool Women’s Midwife at Home Team provide a 24-hour service, seven days a week giving you access to a known midwife throughout your pregnancy, birth and after your baby is born.

    The continuity of care that the team provide makes it easy to develop relationships with the team of midwives over the course of your pregnancy, achieving more continuity and one to one care determined by your individual needs and circumstances.

    If you are cared for by the Midwife at Home Team, you will be able to choose from a range of suitable locations for the majority of your antenatal appointments, whether that be at a local clinic or at home.

    If you are considering a home birth and would like to find out more information take a look at the Liverpool Women's Midwife at Home Team flyer or please contact the Team by calling or texting on 07976835735 or by email at

  • Midwifery-led unit

    If you have had a straightforward pregnancy without complications, then you are most likely to give birth in our midwifery-led unit. Here, a team of dedicated and highly trained midwives and health care assistants will provide all the care and help you need, allowing you and your family to experience the delivery of your baby in quiet and private, en-suite room. There is also a birthing pool. Most forms of pain relief are available but if you request an epidural this will involve you being moved to by the adjacent consultant-led unit, Delivery Suite. Our unit also houses a lounge, giving you the opportunity of meeting other mums. The midwifery-led unit is the ideal place for women who could have had their baby at home but have chosen not to.

    MLU room with bed and birthing pool

  • Delivery suite

    This is where anyone who isn't low-risk will go to have their baby. If you are less than 37 weeks pregnant, are being induced or are having a ceasarean section, you will also have your baby here. The rooms are larger with more specialist equipment ready for if it is needed. Rooms are link en-suite. There is a 5 bed 'induction suite' for those who have come to be induced, you will be transferred to a private room once the early stages of induction are complete.


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