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Coming into hospital

Our aim is to ensure your time in hospital is a positive experience. Our midwives and consultants are trained to take care of you in a professional way and with sensitivity in keeping with the values of Liverpool Women’s. Remember to plan your route to hospital in advance and arrange who is going to bring you. This helps to reduce any worries you may have when the time comes.

When you get to the maternity unit

On arrival at the maternity unit, staff will welcome you and check your details. They will guide you through the admission process and answer any immediate questions you may have. During your stay, you will be required to wear a patient ID band. Your baby will also wear two ID bands following the birth. These bands will use the surname of the baby's mother.

Maternity ward visiting times

The Delivery Suite and MLU do not have 'visiting times', but you can have 2 birthing partners to accompany you.

Partners and support people can visit maternity patients between 11am and 8pm. Visiting times for all other visitors, including ONLY own children are between 2.30pm and 3.30pm and in the evening between 6.30pm and 8pm.