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ADVICE FOR PATIENTS: Industrial action 6th & 7th February 2023

The Royal College of Nursing is scheduled to take industrial action on the 6th & 7th February 2023. The GMB Union is also taking industrial action on the 7th February 2023.

Unless advised otherwise, please continue to attend the hospital as normal. You do not need to contact the Trust. Anyone whose appointments or care may be impacted will be contacted directly by the hospital.


Going home

For maternity patients

Following discussion with you in hospital, your midwife will arrange transfer of your care to the community midwifery team and you can go home. If you have had an uncomplicated birth the midwives will discuss with you when you can go home. For some women this could be as soon as two or three hours after the baby was born. Before you are discharged, we will run through the discharge procedure and give you information and a leaflet about how you can access support and sources of help. If you are travelling home in a car, you will need to bring a baby car seat or have carry-cot restraints fitted to your vehicle.

For gynaecology patients

Before going home, there is a comprehensive discharge procedure that we follow to ensure you are fit to leave our direct care. We will endeavour to let you know the approximate time you will be ready to leave us so that you can arrange for family or friends to collect you.

You will be guided through what you need to do at home to aid your recovery. Details of any follow-up appointments will be given to you as well as any medication to speed recovery.