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Fetal Medicine Unit

Most pregnancies progress without any complications. However, sometimes a mother or her unborn baby needs extra care from our highly experienced Fetal Medicine team - made up of specialists including fetal consultants, midwives and healthcare assistants. As a specialist unit within Liverpool Women’s, we receive many referrals from health professionals throughout the North West and further afield.

Extra care for high risk pregnancies

The work undertaken by the team primarily focuses on the management of high risk pregnancies and specialist screening. They work closely with our clinical genetics team to ensure patients receive complete continuity of care. Patients are referred to us for many reasons - typically if they are having a multiple pregnancy (twins or triplets), require an invasive procedure, such as amniocentesis, or have a previous or current fetal abnormality diagnosed during pregnancy.


Help the team to reach their fundraising target to allow them to care for more women, by redesigning the unit to match the excellent standard of care they provide - call 0151 702 4044, visit the Liverpool Women's Charities Facebook page or learn more about how you can support us.