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Advice during upcoming doctors’ industrial action (19-22 September & 2-5 October 2023)

Industrial action by hospital consultants and junior doctors is scheduled to take place between 19-22 September and 2-5 October. Some of our services may be impacted.

Unless you are advised otherwise, please attend the hospital as normal for any appointments or procedures. 

Further details and advice during these periods can be found HERE.

Packing your hospital bag

Here's just a list of a few items you may want to bring in with you...

  • For you

    Snacks and drinks for labour (pack some lucozade- it will help keep your energy levels up).

    Clothes for labour - an old nighty, tshirt, and bikini top if you want to go in the pool.

    Hair bobbles/clips - to keep your hair off your face when in labour.


    Toiletry bag- shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, flannel.


    Maternity pads.

    Big knickers (cotton knickers are best, make sure they are comfy)

    Nighty or pyjamas for after baby is born- you may need a couple of pairs.

    Phone charger.

    Lip balm (gas and air can make your lips go dry).


    Non-wired or maternity bras.

    Breast pads.

    Clothes to go home from hospital in.

    Wet wipes - to freshen yourself up with.

    Dressing gown or robe, (or house coat if that's what you call it!)

    If breastfeeding, you may want to buy some Lansinoh cream (a good nipple cream). This is available from most supermarkets and pharmacies.

  • For baby


    Cotton wool - it's recommended you use this and water to clean baby's bum until 1 month of age.


    Sleepsuits/ baby grow's.

    Scratch mitts.




    Nappy bags.

    Barrier cream- such as Sudocrem or Metanium.


    Ready made formula milk if you are not breastfeeding, you can buy this in cartons or bottles. (you won't need bottles- we supply these).

    Muslin cloth - for when baby vomits.

    Outfit to go home in.

    Car seat- make sure you know how to work this before you go home!

    Blanket x2.

    Coat or snowsuit to go home in.

  • For Dad/birthing partner

    Change of clothes.

    Deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste.

    Change for drinks/snacks machines and parking.


    Mobile phone & charger.

    Tablet/laptop with music and something to watch - download this at home.

    A travel pillow to rest your head - labour can take a while!