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With an average of 24 babies and three premature babies born and cared for every day, it's not surprising that Liverpool Women's is well known for Maternity and Neonatal services. Yet did you know that we carry out 30 Gynaecology operations a day and our Hewitt Fertility Centre completes 3,500 treatment cycles of IVF every year. And that's not all. We are also specialists in Clinical Genetics and Laboratory Genetics. Research too plays a key part in ensuring we continue to develop services that directly benefit patients.

In fact everything needed to care for the health of women, babies and their families is available from Liverpool Women's either in hospital or across the community.

It's a 24-hour operation involving the work of a dedicated 1,400 strong team, made up of clinicians and support staff. Work behind the scenes by our non clinical teams including Finance, Human Resources, Operational Services, Patient Quality and Information Management and Technology, also helps to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the patients we care for.

You may be aware that from 25th May 2018, the law has changed regarding how we can handle your personal information. To give you assurance that we have dealt with these changes appropriately learn more on the ‘Use of  your Personal Information’.