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Genetic Laboratory Services

The role of genetics in healthcare is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of development. Liverpool Women’s provides a regional genetics service known as the Merseyside and Cheshire Clinical Genetics Service - serving a population of around 2.8 million people across Merseyside, Cheshire and the Isle of Man.

Where we are based

Within Liverpool Women’s Crown Street hospital, we manage and operate the Merseyside and Cheshire Regional Molecular Genetics Laboratory and provide an efficient and specialist service to trusts across the region and the UK. Our laboratory is part of an integrated Regional Medical Genetics Service, managed by Liverpool Women’s, which includes the Regional Cytogenetics Laboratory. Our Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics teams carry out a range of diagnostic tests. Whilst they often work independently, they also provide an integrated service that may also include the Clinical Genetics team.

To note: The laboratory stores the remaining DNA/RNA/Cell Suspensions on all samples received for the following purposes: Audit, Education &Training, Quality Assurance and Anonymised Research. Consent is not required for these purposes but it is good practice to make the patient aware of this Policy.

The laboratory is accredited to ISO 15189:2012 for Medical Laboratories.  The last inspection of the laboratory was carried out in January 2019, more information is available here and a full schedule of accreditation can be seen here