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Preparing for your stay

Whatever your reason for coming into hospital, here are some general guidelines on what to pack before you set off for your stay with us. Your list may vary depending on the area you are visiting. For example, if you are a maternity patient, you will need to pack items for your baby too.

  • What to bring - all patients

    To make your time with us as comfortable as possible we suggest you bring the following items as appropriate:

    •A dressing gown and slippers
    •A hairbrush or comb
    •Paper tissues
    •A towel, flannel, soap, shampoo etc.
    •A toothbrush and toothpaste or denture cleaner and container
    •Dentures and pot labelled with your name (a pot can be provided on request)
    •Spectacles and hearing aid if you need them - labelled or marked with your name
    •Sanitary protection if you think you will need it
    •Money to buy newspapers and other things from the hospital shop and trolleys and some change for the telephone
    •The name, address and telephone of your next-of-kin or nearest friend
    •Books to read, writing materials, stamps etc.
    •Your hospital notes
    •Any medication you may be taking - make sure you bring enough for the duration of your stay
    •Any special treatment cards such as those for steroid or warfarin treatments

    You may also like to bring some loose, light clothes for day wear.

  • What to bring - maternity patients

    As well as bringing in the general items listed above, we suggest you bring in the following additional items if you are coming into hospital as a maternity patient:

    For labour:

    •Loose fitting nightshirt or t-shirt
    •Water spray for the face/face flannel
    •Pair of loose-fitting socks
    •Hair band or clip to keep hair off your face
    •Camera and/or video* camera
    •Sanitary pads and disposable pants

    * Please note: valuable items can be handed to ward staff for safe custody until you are discharged. The hospital cannot accept responsibility for any property not handed in for safe keeping.

    For your baby:
    •Disposable nappies
    •Nappy bags
    •Baby clothes
    •Baby blankets
    •Cotton wool

    A car seat is also essential for your baby’s safe journey home.

  • What not to bring

    Preparing for your stay

    When attending hospital it is important you do not bring the following items with you:

    • Large amounts of cash 
    • Valuables 
    • Watches 
    • Bank books 
    • Electrical items
    • Charges

    If you have to bring valuables with you the ward, staff will arrange for safe custody of them until you are discharged. The hospital cannot accept responsibility for any property not handed in for safe keeping.

    N.B Patients are asked not be bring electronic devices into hospital that require charging during your stay; this is to minimise the risk of fire and maximise safety