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Gynaecology service waiting times pressures

We would like to apologise to our patients for the current delays in allocating outpatient appointments. We would like to assure you that our Appointments Team are working hard to ensure that all patients are booked as soon as possible in order of clinical priority and then in chronological order from when patient referrals were received.  

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Clinical research is vital for improving the health of all our patients, both adults and babies, and for the development of new and improved treatments and medications. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all patients who need it can benefit from the cutting edge research which is carried out on a daily basis. We have a number of researchers with vast experience of broad research methods supported by an effective research infrastructure.

Research and the Trust

With the motto 'Today's research, tomorrow’s clinical practice', our job is to manage the portfolio of research within the Trust, providing advice, support and ensuring high research governance standards. All clinical research undergoes independent ethics committee and research and development review before it is undertaken within the Trust. This safeguards the rights and welfare of research participants as well as making sure that high quality research is carried out.

Support for research

We also ensure that any eligible research studies receive support from the UK Clinical Research Network and that researchers have the opportunity to collaborate on studies that are added to the UK Comprehensive Research Network portfolio. For more information go to Clinical Research Network.

Research findings are shared amongst healthcare professionals and other researchers at regular weekly meetings as well as nationally and internationally at conferences and through peer reviewed publications.