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Where to park

Information about current car parking access at Liverpool Women’s

The Trust’s Neonatal Unit is currently being improved as part of a £15m redevelopment project which is due to be completed in 2020. During this period up until completion of the redevelopment project, access to some areas of our car parks may at times be restricted. If you are driving into Liverpool Women’s for an appointment or to visit a patient and you are struggling to find a car parking space, please remember to use our overspill car park on Mulgrave Street which is located over the road from the hospital off Upper Parliament Street where you will find available spaces between 7am – 6pm.  


There is a large car park for use by patients and visitors, within the Crown Street hospital site, for which there is a charge of:

0 - 30 minutes - FREE 
30 minutes to 2 hours - £3.60
2 - 4 hours - £4.50
4 - 6 hours - £7.50
6 - 24 hours - £9.80
Weekly concession - £20.00
Blue badge holders parked in marked disabled bays - FREE

There is also a car park on Mulgrave Street (off Upper Parliament Street - opposite the Antenatal Clinic entrance), which is free of charge. This car park is open from 7am - 6pm and cars parked here are left at owner’s risk. 

Paying for your parking on site at Liverpool Women’s has changed. The Trust now has an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system in place – you will need to know your vehicle registration number to pay for your parking.

You will notice that changes have been made to our car parking facilities with the installation of a new system. The new ticketless, pay on foot system uses number plate recognition. 

The new car park barriers will let all patients and visitor cars enter, however, all cars must have paid at the pay stations prior to exiting through the barriers.