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Where to park

Patient and visitor car parking

Current Tariffs are:

0 – 30 minutes


30 mins – 2 hours


2 – 4 hours


4 – 6 hours


6 – 24 hours


Weekly concession


Blue badge holders parked in marked disabled bays


Disabled bays are available at all entrances to the site and parking is free for all blue badge holders. If all disabled spaces are occupied, any blue badge holders can receive a free parking pass from reception for use of the main car parks.

In some circumstances parking is free for patients/visitors throughout their stay. The Trust considers all reasonable requests, and this would be discussed with members of staff in the relevant area in the first instance. Examples include parents with babies on the Neonatal Unit, Oncology patients returning for regular clinic visits, and families of patients at end of life.

If you are driving into Liverpool Women’s for an appointment or to visit a patient and you are struggling to find a car parking space, please remember to use our overspill car park on Mulgrave Street which is located over the road from the hospital off Upper Parliament Street (L8 1YQ) where you will find available spaces between 7am – 8pm. Cars parked here are left at owner’s risk. 

How to Pay:

The car park barriers will let all patients and visitor cars enter, however, all cars must have paid at the pay stations (or via the app) prior to exiting through the barriers. The ticketless, pay on foot system uses number plate recognition to record your vehicle details. If you do not know it please make a note of your car registration before leaving your vehicle to enter the hospital as you will need it to pay at the machine before exiting the car park.

The pay-stations accept card (including apple/google pay) and there is one pay-station by main reception that accepts cash.

Alternatively, you can use the Glide app to pay for parking or pre-book.


  • How do I pay for my parking?

    To exit the car park you will need to make payment at one of the 3 new pay stations situated on the ground floor. The pay station will ask you to key in your registration number and the amount you need to pay will be shown on the screen. You will be able to pay by cash or card, including contactless payments and the pay station will confirm that you have paid. You can then return to your vehicle and exit the site through the exit barrier. The cameras will have recorded your registration when you entered the site and the pay station will know that you have paid.

  • If I am dropping off or picking up a patient/visitor do I have to pay?

    Within 30 minutes drop off/pick up time is not charged – you can still park on site but will need to key in your registration before you leave – the pay station will confirm that there is no charge to pay and you will be able to exit the car park.

  • If I am using a registered disabled parking space do I have to pay?

    No. Parking in disabled bays are free of charge but you will need to display your blue badge on your vehicle windscreen. You will need to give you registration number in at main reception and confirm you are a blue badge holder. Disabled bays are clearly signposted at locations outside of main entrance and the outpatient clinic entrance.

  • What if I can’t remember my registration number?

    It is advisable that you make a note of your registration number as this will avoid delays at the pay stations.

  • Are there any circumstances when free parking is authorised?

    In certain circumstances, yes free parking is authorised – you should discuss this with the healthcare professional looking after you or your relative.

  • Who should I contact if encounter any issues?

    Signage and instructions will be visible throughout the site and on the pay station screens. Staff will also be on hand to assist if required.

    If you have any positive feedback or concerns you would like to share more formally while this work takes place, please contact our PALs service on 0151 702 4353 or email: