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Our aims, vision & values

Our vision is to be the recognised leader in healthcare for women, babies and their families.

Our shared vision at Liverpool Women’s is simple and has withstood the test of time. It is underpinned by a shared set of values based around the needs of our people. We encourage these behaviours in all our staff, partners and volunteers to make sure our values are delivered in the same way, every day, to every person we care for.


We have a set of five strategic aims which are central to all of our strategies and plans, and through working with patients, staff, governors and our partners we have developed a series of ambitions to push those aims one step further, helping us create the mind-set we need to achieve our vision and be outstanding in everything we do:

Our aims – We see

  • To develop a well led, capable, motivated and entrepreneurial Workforce;
  • To be ambitious and Efficient and make best use of available resources;
  • To deliver Safe services;
  • To participate in high quality research in order to deliver the most Effective outcomes;
  • To deliver the best possible Experience for patients and staff.

Our Ambitions

  • We will be an outstanding employer;
  • We will deliver maximum efficiency in our services;
  • Our services will be the safest in the country;
  • Outcomes will be best in class;
  • Every patient will have an outstanding experience.