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Coronavirus (COVID 19) – Information Hub


We have set up a dedicated Covid-19 Information Hub to keep you updated with the latest advice and guidance as well as details of any restrictions we have in place at the hospital.

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Postnatal Care

Postnatal care is the care and support you receive following the birth of your baby. You will go through a transitional stage to return to your non-pregnant status.

Postnatal care starts immediately after the birth of your baby. You will be encouraged to have skin-to-skin contact with your baby. If you have chosen to breastfeed, you may need some support to latch your baby on to your breast. Usually your baby will root towards your breast and suckle when ready but sometimes this can be delayed if you have had a long hard labour, interventions and analgesia.

Log into Maternity Assist to find out more - not registered all you need is your 'W' number.