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Coronavirus (COVID 19) – Information Hub


We have set up a dedicated Covid-19 Information Hub to keep you updated with the latest advice and guidance as well as details of any restrictions we have in place at the hospital.

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Antenatal classes and virtual tour

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes help to prepare you for your baby’s birth and give you guidance on how to look after and feed your baby. They are also a good way of getting information and airing your concerns - not just with professionals but with other mothers-to-be. And friendships formed at these meetings can be a great source of mutual support during the first few months with a newborn baby. 

The way we offer parent education classes is currently changing. We now run our classes out in the community so more people can access them. Please see below for a full list of centres.

Classes include:

Bump, Birth & Beyond Workshop (runs over 2 sessions);

Session 1 -  covers Labour and Birth- covering topics such as coping strategies for labour, when to come in or call the hospital, importance of mobilising and upright positions, using water and pain relief (pros and cons).

Session 2 - focuses on after baby is born, covering topics such as skin contact, safe sleeping, healthy baby, healthy mum and caring for baby.

These sessions must be booked in advance, please contact your nearest Children's Centre (see below) to book on. Dates and times may vary, please book in advance.

Centres currently holding these sessions are:

Belle Vale 0151 233 1705

Church and Mossley Hill 0784 930 0061

Dingle Lane 0151 233 4930

Granby 0151 233 3200

Wavertree 0151 233 6870

Everton 0151 233 1969

Tue Brook 0151 233 3830

West Derby 0151 233 6202

Clubmoore and Ella Green 0151 233 8500

Stoney Croft 0151 233 4770

Anfield 0151 233 4001

Fountains 0151 233 4741


May Logan 0151 922 8588

Hudson 0151 526 1568

Infant feeding sessions are run by the Children's Centres. Please contact them to arrange your booking.

Breast Feeding Workshop

The Breastfeeding workshop is facilitated by the Infant Feeding Team, and is held on:

Second Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm, Blair Bell Education Centre, Liverpool Women's Hospital.


Last Tues of the month, 7-9pm, Blair Bell Education Centre, Liverpool Women's Hospital.

To book on one of these sessions call 0151 702 4180 / 4178.

Elective/ Planned Caesarean session

Topics covered include your pre-op appointment, admissions procedure and information about the operation, skin contact in theatre, recovery process and going home. The midwife will answer all of your questions and discuss what to expect.

You will be sent a letter inviting you to this session a couple of weeks before your pre-op appointment. The elective caesarean team midwives run these sessions so you can get to know them. Sessions will be held in Liverpool Women's and Aintree Hospital, starting from 5th June 2019.

LWH sessions are on Wednesdays from 4pm until 6pm.

Aintree sessions are on Thursdays from 4pm until 6pm.

LINK Clinic Class for Polish and Arabic Speaking women (facilitated with interpreters)

Ladies must book these sessions via the LINK clinic.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Sessions are held at Liverpoo Women's Hospital and are facilitated by Jenni Jones.  Contact 07879282479 for details on times and prices.


Classes are available at a cost. Please click here for more information.

Virtual Tour

We are not currently offerinig tours of the Hospital -  however the virtual tour below will take you on a guide of our Maternity Services. If you have any concerns please speak with your midwife.

Click the video below to view a virtual tour of our Maternity Services: 


Log into Maternity Assist to find out more - not registered all you need is your 'W' number.