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Before you come to hospital

Before coming into hospital, make sure the hospital staff know about your disability and what reasonable adjustments you need.

What do we mean by Reasonable Adjustments?

A reasonable adjustment is when someone changes how they do things to make it better for you.

People with a disability have a legal right for reasonable adjustments to be made so they can get the same benefits from healthcare services as everyone else.

Common reasonable adjustments include:

  • using pictures, large print or simpler words to say what's happening
  • booking longer appointments
  • putting an appointment at the beginning or end of the day, if you find it hard to be in a busy waiting room
  • Being accompanied by someone who cares or supports you including overnight if you are admitted to hospital.

When identified the reasonable adjustments are written down in a health action plan that those people caring for you in hospital can use.

Other support and reasonable adjustments we can make 

The below video is an example of some of the adjustments we can support to make an individual's experience easier and more comfortable.


Virtual Tour

To take a virtual reality tour, watch the short video below (to enlarge the screen click the [ ] icon in the bottom right hand corner). To watch in full VR resolution to get the full experience take a look at the how to guide here.

Your entrance to the hospital to Gynaecology Outpatients

Your entrance for Admission to Gynaecology Ward

Your entrance to the hospital to the Neonatal Unit


Trimester 1


Trimester 2

Trimester 3