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Mainstream Genetic Testing

Mainstream Genomic Testing for Inherited Breast Cancer (R208) Merseyside and Cheshire


  1. Mainstreaming introduction [presentation] – Dr Joanna Cliff, Consultant Oncologist
  2. Introduction to genetic testing [presentation] – Anna Whaite, Genetic Counsellor
  3. Assessing eligibility for testing [presentation] – Anna Whaite, Genetic Counsellor
  4. Consent conversation [presentation] – Claire Brooks, Genetic Counsellor
  5. The test: purpose and process [presentation] – Claire Brooks, Genetic Counsellor
  6. The test: results [presentation] – Eleanor Taylor, Genetic Counsellor
  7. Local process and logistics [presentation] – Dr Joanna Cliff, Consultant Oncologist.

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MDT Meetings

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Useful Documents and Resources 

National Genomic Test Directory, Testing Criteria for Rare and Inherited Disease - Rare and inherited disease eligibility criteria.pdf  (R208 - Inherited breast cancer and ovarian cancer)

Cheshire & Merseyside Protocol for Genomic Testing of Patients with a Diagnosis of Breast Cancer [Breast Cancer Genetic Testing Pathway]

The Manchester Scoring System (MSS) calculates the probability of pathogenic variants in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in families suspected of having hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Manchester Scoring System Information Sheet 

Cancer Genetics Group (CGG) - UKCGG Leaflets and Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions ​