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Leaving a gift in your will

Make a lasting difference by leaving a gift in your will to Liverpool Women’s Charity

Liverpool Women's Hospital has had a presence in Liverpool since 1796, it has moved location several times and evolved into the world leading specialist hospital that we know and love today.

  • Mill Road Infirmary 1852
  • Brownlow Lying-in Hospital 1884
  • The Liverpool Maternity Hospital, Oxford Street 1926
  • Mill Road Infirmary 1940
  • Liverpool Women’s Hospital opened 1995

Each year Liverpool Women’s delivers over 8,000 babies cares for 1,000 poorly babies on its neonatal unit and undertakes 10,000 gynaecological procedures; 50,000 patients cross its door each year.

From the very beginning the hospital has had a strong charitable presence and it is due to supporters like you that we are now extremely fortunate to have the largest specialist hospital in Europe right on our doorstep.

Future wishes for Liverpool Women’s and how your donation can help to achieve them

Liverpool Women’s is proud and excited for the future of its services. With your help we can continue to be at the forefront of services to women and their babies, now and for future generations to come.

You can choose exactly which part of the hospital you would like to make a difference to. You may like to:

  • support the work of our Neonatal nurses and doctors, who look after very sick babies on our Neonatal Unit
  • help our Fetal Medicine Unit to progress in its work to treat babies before they have even be born
  • provide additional comforts for our patients who are suffering from gynaecological cancers
  • fund exciting research into areas that will revolutionise the future care of women and babies
  • help the work of our Honeysuckle Bereavement Team, who  support families who have experienced a baby loss
  • donate to our General Purpose fund, to be used at the hospital’s discretion.

We promise that our Fundraising Team will work closely with you to ensure your donations will be spent in line with your wishes, to provide additional services and equipment, for an organisation that has been trusted by generations of the people of Liverpool and further beyond. 

Why is leaving a charity donation in your will so important?

Many people feel uncomfortable discussing wills and legacies, however to most people who leave a legacy this will be the largest donation you ever make to a charity and one that will make a lasting difference to many people for many years to come, it is indeed your lasting legacies to those you leave behind.

If you are planning to leave a gift to Liverpool Women's Charity in your will, please let us know so we can thank you during your lifetime.

Liverpool Women’s Charity works with several companies that provide in memory offerings.

  • Memory garden and Tree Situated next to the main reception is the charity Memory Garden. A feature of the garden is the Memory Tree, which is a steel structure in the shape of a tree. Families are able to purchase locks that are personally engraved with their own message and then placed on the tree. For every lock sold a donation of £5 is made to the charity. If you would like to purchase a lock please visit
  • Hospital Remembrance Book The charity also has a leather bound Remembrance Book, which is situated in the hospital Quiet Room. The page of the book is turned daily and for a donation to the charity an entry can be made to the book. 
  • Hug a Mug By working in collaboration with Grace and Lily we are able to bring to our supporters the beautiful gift of personalised treasured keepsakes. Whether it is prints of hands and feet or the amazing "Hug a Mug" Grace and Lily will work with you to ensure you have perfect memories that you can treasure forever. Have your favourite person’s handprints placed onto a beautiful ceramic mug and every time you have a warm drink you will feel the warmth of those handprints – you can hug your mug. Grace and Lily will make a donation to Liverpool Women’s Charity for every item sold.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about leaving a donation in your will please contact Lisa on 0151 702 4044 or Nadia on 0151 702 4194 or email You can also write to Liverpool Women’s Charity, Liverpool Women’s, Crown Street, Liverpool, L8 7SS


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