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Our funds

You can choose to support any of our funds:

  • The Newborn Appeal

    The Newborn Appeal funds the purchase of specialist equipment, services and research to enhance the care given to poorly and pre-term babies.This fund helps us to investigate the causes of sickness in the newborn child as well as prevent, treat, cure and defeat the sickness in all its forms, but supporting all work on the Neonatal Unit.

    The Newborn Appeal also enables us to advance the education and research into topics relating to sickness in the unborn child. 

  • Honeysuckle Bereavement Support

    The Honeysuckle Fund supports the work of the Honeysuckle Team, which is the bereavement support team at Liverpool Women's Hospital for families who have experienced miscarriage, compassionate induction of pregnancy, stillbirth or early neonatal death.

    The word Honeysuckle means "bond of love" and many of the services provided by the Honeysuckle Team are done so through charitable funds.

    The Honeysuckle Team have an office within the hospital and they also have the Honeysuckle Room, which is situated within Honeysuckle Lane in the hospital. This room is used by families who have lost a baby and was refurbished with the help of the League of Friends as well as with donations from families. Within the room there is a cot, a wardrobe full of new clothes and blankets and a bath. This means that families can bath and dress their baby should they wish. Families are able to spend as much time in the room as they wish, whilst being supported by the Honeysuckle Team.

    Situated close to the Honeysuckle Room is the Remembrance Garden. This was funded following a successful fundraising application to Tesco Bags of Help and the support of the League of Friends. Tesco customers had to vote on their favourite project and the charity Remembrance Garden came in first place!!

    The garden is situated in a quiet and secluded area where staff, patients and families are able to sit and reflect. A feature of the Remembrance Garden is the Remembrance Tree.

    The Remembrance Tree is a steel structure and families are able to purchase personally engraved locks to place on the tree. For each lock sold the charity receives a £5 donation from 4 Everlocks.

    Another event provided through charitable funds is the Annual Remembrance Evening. Last year we welcomed over 400 families to the Isla Gladstone to remember all our babies.

    The Honeysuckle Team provide many support events for families such as the monthly drop in sessions and a Picnic in the Park.

    Your support of our Honeysuckle Team has helped us purchase story books that explain the loss of a baby to older siblings.

    "We were gonna have a baby but we had an angel instead" is offered to families with children who are supported by the team.

    All of the above are provided by our kind and generous supporters.

  • Maternity

    This fund raises money to support the services on our Maternity Unit and help care for Mothers and babies

  • Cancer Research

    This fund is furthering research and education in areas of cancer research.

    Each year in the UK, over 21,000 women are diagnosed with some form of gynaecological cancer. This equates to 58 women receiving this life-changing news every day.  Sadly 21 women will die from a gynaecological cancer every single day,  yet still Gynaecological Cancer receives little publicity.

    There are five Gynaecological Cancers ( Ovarian, Womb, Vaginal, Vulval ) but awareness levels of these cancers is very low.

    As with many cancers the signs and symptoms often get missed during our busy daily lives.  Many of the tell tale signs are things ladies
    experience from time to time such as bloating and irregular bleeding are often put down to stress, menopause or just general ‘women’s problems’ so are often left unchecked.  As we all know, catching signs early on is essential to avoid further spread and potential recovery. 

    Liverpool Women’s Hospital is the regional Gynaecological Surgical Cancer Centre in Merseyside and Cheshire.  The multi-disciplinary team is made up of Surgeons, Medical and Clinical Oncologists, Palliative Care Consultants, Radiologists, Pathologists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Research Nurses.  There is a weekly meeting held were every women is discussed to see if they are eligible for a Clinical Trial, and a plan of care proposed.

    The team is currently involved in many National Clinical Trials, in relation to chemotherapy treatments, surgery, imaging (scanning techniques) and the ‘100,000 Genomes Project.’

    The team is keen to continue its involvement in research, as it can and does positively make a difference to the lives of the women it treats, whether that be a new treatment, treatments that provide fewer side effects from current treatment or improvements to provide a better quality of life.

  • Fetal Medicine

    This fund helps us to investigate the causes of sickness in the unborn child as well as prevent, treat, cure and defeat sickness.

  • General Purpose

    This fund is for any charitable purpose relating to Liverpool Women's Hospital that enhance the services provided to our patients and their families. 

    The Hospital's Volunteer Services are funded by donations made to the General Purpose fund. The Volunteer Services at Liverpool Women's offer opportunities to the local community whilst helping to support the care given to all of our patients.


  • Assisted Conception

    This fund supports advancing education and research in areas that relate to infertility in women.


  • Reproductive Medicine

    This fund is furthering research and education in topics related to infertility, miscarriage and menopause.

  • Miscarriage

    To further the advancement of scientific and medical research into topics related to miscarriage and menopause. 

  • Medical Education

    This fund is advancing education and research in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology.

  • Community Midwifery

    This fund supports greater efficiencies in local midwifery services within the Trust.

  • Cytogenetics

    This fund is furthering education and research into topics related to cytogenetics.

  • Staff Welfare

    This fund helps employees within the Trust by focusing on staff well being and enhanced performance.

  • Training & Development

    This fund is advancing education and research into topics related to pregnancy and the problems related to giving birth and gynaecology.

  • Gynaecology Oncology Nurses

    The main aim of this fund is to provide provisions for enhancing the education of Gynaecological staff in the areas of Oncology and Palliative Care, whilst empowering staff to enhance their skills.

    Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust have links with the Christie and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and, thanks to donations to this fund, can purchase accredited courses that will upskill our staff. 

    Our staff nurses recently attended courses that include "Grief, Bereavement and Communicating with People in Distress", which will help our staff continue to support our Oncology patients.

    In the future we would like to be able to widen the scope of the courses on offer. We have launched our education programme for Palliative and End of Life Care, so this will allow us to broaden the scope of courses we can offer to our staff who work in this field of care.

    As a Gynaecological Cancer Centre for the Merseyside and Cheshire region it is vital we shine in the care we deliver. All donations to this fund will help us fulfill our ambitions of ensuring all staff on the Gynaecology wards and outpatient areas have been on every course that is applicable to their level of skills. 

  • Kings Fund

    The Liverpool Women's Hospital Kings Fund serves the purpose to support the benefit of Gynaecology patients and their families. 

    This fund holds all donations made to our Mona Lisa Laser Appeal as we near our target to purchase a MonaLisa Touch Laser for the Liverpool Women's Hospital. This laser provides a pain-free treatment for the medically-induced menopausal symptoms that some women experience following undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy as a part of treatment for certain cancers. 

    Donors wishing to support the purchase of this laser, and the funding of associated clinical trials, may kindly choose to donate to this fund.