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Hannah Medway, Honeysuckle Team supporter

In January 2017 I found out I was pregnant with my first child. In June 2017 at just 19 weeks I went into early labour and gave birth to a perfect baby boy, Charlie weighing just 300g who was born just to early to survive. Two months after we lost Charlie I was pregnant again, this time with Twin girls. Everything was perfect again up until my 20 week scan when my cervix had started to open again early. I was taken to theatre for an emergency cervical stitch but a few days later the procedure proved unsuccessful. I stayed in at Liverpool women’s hospital on bed rest and gave birth two weeks later, when my waters broke to our twin girls Alice & Katie who survived only a few hours.

After losing our 3 babies we were taken under the wing of The Honeysuckle team. They are truly amazing in what they do. They are the support when you need it the most. They hold monthly support groups for parents like us which are fantastic, a chance to meet people who are in a similar position. They also have a Facebook group which is somewhere to turn when you just need a little pick me up on a down day. The Honeysuckle Team aren’t just there after a loss they are there to support you in future pregnancies.

We are getting married in August so what better wedding favours than charity favours! We chose to donate to The Honeysuckle team for all the care and support they have given us over the last year, but you can choose any area in the hospital to donate to. We can’t wait to give them out to our guests.