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DNA testing

An accredited DNA testing service is used to establish proof of a relationship between two people such as maternity or paternity.

You can choose where to have your DNA sample taken such as at your General Practitioner Surgery, through a Sampling Visit, or selected pharmacies in London partnered with the testing service. You will receive detailed information about Sampling Options once you are registered, or upon request.

The Kings College London DNA Analysis team are experts in the field of genetics and provide an accredited service at the cost of £95. They, alongside us, will keep in touch with you regarding the process from start to finish.

Commercial DNA testing companies, such as ancestry or genealogy linking sites, require you to provide a sample for analysis so that your profile can then be uploaded to a database and matched with others. If you are contacting us to verify results you have received from a commercial company, please be aware that results may be different. If you would like more information regarding this please call us on: 0151 702 4339.

Joining the DCR DNA Database

Once you are registered you can join the DCR DNA database. The DCR will facilitate and intermediate the DNA testing with the King’s College following the steps below: