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Additional Resources

Donor Conceived UK

HFEA Resources

Helpful Resources from ConnecteDNA

For further details on ConnecteDNA please visit their website.

Documentaries and short films 


  • Memoirs of a feminist mother by Carol Fox, which can be found on Amazon here
  • Inheritance by Dani Shapiro,  which can be found on Amazon here


Other Facebook Groups

Don't forget we have our very own Facebook group for the DCR members. It is a secret group, so you won't be able to find it by looking for it on Facebook. The only way to see it to be invited, and for that to happen you will need to get in touch with us. 

Donor Conceived Offspring, Donors, Parents
This group is for all people who were conceived via anonymous donor, people who used anonymous donors to conceive their children, and anyone who donated sperm or eggs or is considering donor conception.

DNA for the Donor Conceived
A subgroup of DNA Detectives, this Facebook group was created especially to help donor conceived individuals and donors search for family members using DNA test results.

Worldwide Donor Conceived People Network
This group exists exclusively for donor conceived people (including those born of surrogacy) around the world.

Friends of Donor Conceived Individuals
A group to help friends of donor conceived individuals to learn how donor conceived people feel and the various obstacles and emotions we face.

Gen Z Donor Conceived People
This group is meant to be a positive place for younger donor conceived people.

We Are Donor Conceived
Donor conceived people around the world can share their perspectives on topics relevant to our community, connect with each other, and find support using this Facebook group, which also acts as a news feed for site-related content, including photos, stories, resources, and news updates.