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Baby loss certificate

Baby loss certificate launched to recognise parents’ grief

A Government scheme designed to recognise the grief of parents who have experienced a loss of pregnancy before 24 weeks has been launched. The scheme offers those who experience a loss pre-24 weeks' gestation a certificate to formally recognise the devastating impact of pregnancy loss. The new certificates, which are not compulsory, will be official but not legal documents.

Parents who have experienced the devastation of losing a baby before 24 weeks of pregnancy can now apply for a certificate to have their grief recognised.

The certificates are available for either parent to access following a loss under 24 weeks since September 2018, with the Government planning to expand eligibility in the near future.

Request a baby loss certificate

If your pregnancy ends before 24 weeks, you can get a certificate in memory of your baby. It’s free to get a certificate.

You do not need to request a certificate if you prefer not to. It’s optional.

The certificate is not a legal document - for example you cannot use it to claim benefits. The certificate will not be added to your GP record.

If your pregnancy ends from 24 weeks onwards, you need to register a stillbirth instead.

Before you start

You’ll need:

  • your NHS number or postcode registered with your GP
  • the mobile phone number or email address registered with your GP
  • permission from the other parent and their email address, if you want their name on the certificate

You can find out your NHS number on the NHS website.

The certificates are not compulsory - it remains the choice of all parents to manage the difficult time of a loss, however they see fit.   

Request a certificate

You can ask for a certificate if all these apply:

  • you’ve lost a baby before the 24th week of pregnancy
  • you’re one of the baby’s parents or surrogate
  • you’re at least 16 years old
  • your pregnancy ended on or after 1 September 2018
  • you lived in England when you lost your baby
  • you live in England

Should you wish to request a baby loss certificate please follow: Request a baby loss certificate

The Honeysuckle Team are the dedicated baby bereavement team at Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust, the team  provide care for women and their families at Liverpool Women’s Hospital following pregnancy loss at any gestation and early neonatal death.

"Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust are pleased that baby loss certificates will now be available to provide a degree of comfort for some of our families." Diane Brown Executive Chief Nurse

Should families need to reach out to us for bereavement support please note the team’s office is open Monday – Friday 8am-4pm, you are welcome to contact them either by phone 0151 702 4151 or email

For more information about the team please visit Patient Information Leaflets section: