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We provide physiotherapy services for the whole of Liverpool Women’s, both for inpatients and outpatients. As well as giving treatment and advice to maternity and gynaecology patients, we also treat babies born with orthopaedic conditions. Our four chartered physiotherapists work in close liaison with clinical teams to ensure patients receive continuity of care and services that reflect current clinical practice.

  • Our approach

    Before any physiotherapy, you will receive a full explanation about the treatment plan. With ample opportunity to ask questions, we aim to ensure all patients understand the aims of the treatment proposed. We are also guided by our professional standards of care and rules of professional conduct to support the delivery of a high quality service. The physiotherapy team, as is the case with all our clinical staff, is trained to assess and treat patients with courtesy, dignity and respect. All information is treated in strictest confidence.

  • Physiotherapy for obstetric patients

    We provide antenatal outpatient appointments for women experiencing back or pelvic pain. At these appointments, women are taught self-help techniques and are given advice, including an information leaflet, about posture and about back and pelvic care. As well as being taught stability exercises, some pregnant women are fitted with a back support if necessary. Other physiotherapy treatment techniques are provided depending on individual needs. We also support pregnant women ahead of labour by teaching breathing and relaxation techniques at a weekly class.

    Our physiotherapists visit the maternity wards daily, Monday to Friday, to treat women who are referred with conditions such as chest infections, urinary problems, bruised and painful perineums and pelvic and back problems. Assessments and treatment are based on the needs of each individual. We also provide a leaflet giving postnatal advice and information about exercises which is given to patients by the midwife.

  • Physiotherapy for babies

    Some babies are born with orthopaedic conditions such as Erb’s palsy, Klumpkes palsy or foot problems (talipes) and are referred to one of our physiotherapists for initial assessment, advice and exercises if required. Babies needing follow-up appointments are referred to the Orthopaedic Paediatric Physiotherapy service or a Child Development Centre nearest to where they live.

  • Physiotherapy for gynaecology inpatients

    All women undergoing a major abdominal procedure are seen routinely by a physiotherapist. Other patients are referred to us for specific treatments. Working alongside the clinical teams, our therapy objectives are preventive and educational to reduce the risk of complications and speed recovery. All advice is supported by an information leaflet given to each patient at their preoperative appointment. Sometimes treatment is required to aid recovery from complications such as reduced air entry, chest infections and poor mobility.

  • Physiotherapy for gynaecology outpatients

    All referrals for physiotherapy are made by one of our gynaecology clinics. There is no open access for referrals by GPs. The majority of referrals are for patients needing treatment for incontinence and discomfort from prolapse. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments in this specialised area. Before any treatment plan is devised we spend about an hour assessing a patient in a private and confidential environment.

  • Where to find us

    You will find us on the ground floor of the Crown Street hospital site, within the antenatal clinic area. Physiotherapy services are provided between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.