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by Kathryn Thomson

Chief Executive

Inspired by @miarosememory

Another varied week at Liverpool Women's Hospital

I spent some time on Monday with Dr Leanne Bricker, Consultant Obstetrician who specialises in Fetal Medicine, and some of our fabulous midwives from the Fetal Medicine Unit.  They were talking myself and some visitors through the support we provide to women and their partners who are sadly diagnosed with a Fatal Fetal Abnormality.  The care and compassion shown by our staff to couples facing such terrible news is outstanding. 

We delivered some cupcakes to our Information Technology team to say thank you for persevering through some challenging months as a lot of the senior leadership changed.  We also delivered thank you cakes to our wonderful security staff.  They do a great job and always have a smile on their faces.

Earlier in the week I spent some time with colleagues from London exploring some opportunities for Liverpool Women's.  Hopefully I can reveal more on this towards the Autumn.

I referred in last week's blog to a difficult recording that I had listened to from a couple who had not had a great experience at Liverpool Women's. I met this couple on Monday afternoon.  They are a lovely couple and I am so grateful that they have shared their experience with us.

I met with Dr Feroza Dawood one of our Consultants who specialises in Recurrent Miscarriage.  Feroza and the team receive referrals from across the UK to our miscarriage service here.  I have spent time in clinics with Feroza on a number of occasions. It is fabulous to see the support provided to couples who have been faced with the despair of numerous miscarriages.  Well done Feroza and the recurrent miscarriage team.

Our Board of Directors met on Friday and in addition to our normal business meeting we said thank you to; Jenny Hannon (Financial Controller) in respect of her outstanding work in preparing the Trust’s financial accounts, Sharon Owens (Gynaecology Ward Manager) about whom a letter was received from a poorly member of staff, saying how they had been very well supported by Sharon, George Botros (Consultant Gynaecologist) for his work in setting up our community gynaecology services on the Wirral and Linda Sloan (Neonatal Nurse) in respect of 40 years' service.

Without doubt, the highlight of my week was meeting a couple whose baby was cared for on our Neonatal Unit. Unfortunately Mia Rose lost her fight for life but her very proud dad Steve regularly blogs about his feelings as they face a future without their precious daughter. June was a difficult month for Steve and Vicky as they faced their daughters first birthday and the first anniversary of the day that they lost her. They are now focussing their energies into fundraising for Liverpool Women's. If you are a user of Twitter I would be grateful if you would follow them @miarosememory. I get to meet many people in my career but I am always so humbled by how people deal with such tragedy and yet get up to fight another day and also do some good. My inspiration in my job comes from listening to the experience of the families who access our care. I am sure Mia Rose would be very proud of what her mummy and daddy are doing in her memory.

I was also the focus of an article in this week's Liverpool Post, feel free to have a read here.

Well it is going to be a turning point in my life next week. My amazing nephew Daniel is getting married in Mexico. I can still remember the first time I held him in my arms. I think it is safe to say that Aunty Kathy will have a tear in her eye next Friday as her baby boy embarks on the next stage of his journey through life.

I will be away for the next few weeks. For those of you about to embark on your summer break, have a safe journey.

05 July 2013