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Get Involved

Each year, we care for around 50,000 patients from Liverpool and the surrounding areas - if you include friends and families, that’s a lot of people touched in some way by the work that we do. The continuous development of patient services is helped enormously by people who support us in different ways.

As a fundraiser

With your help we can provide essential support for Liverpool Women’s as it continues to deliver exceptional standards of care. Our registered charity, Liverpool Women's Charity aims to raise funds to provide the little extra patient care that goes beyond that provided by the NHS.  Our charitable programmes fully support the entire range of patient services including gynaecology, maternity, neonatology, reproductive medicine and genetics. There are lots of ways you can help either by making a donation or by taking part in a fundraising event, make sure you also 'like' our Facebook page.

As a member

Because we are a Foundation Trust - a special type of NHS organisation - we are accountable to the communities we serve which means that you can get involved in the way that we are run by becoming a member.  Anyone can be a member - patients, families, friends, staff, local and the wider public - in fact anybody who has an interest in our Trust and wants to have their say.

As a volunteer

Volunteers play an important role within the Trust and, together with the staff, contribute significantly to the care and well being of patients. There are lots of ways you can help patients by becoming a volunteer.

As a work experience student

Liverpool Women's workforce is not only built by our staff but by volunteers, medical and clinical students and also work experience students. Work experience not only benefits the students but also our Trust, whatever the placement students will in some way contribute to the care and well being of patients. This may not be done by direct contact to patients but all 350 careers within the health service have an impact at some point.

You may be aware that from 25th May 2018, the law has changed regarding how we can handle your personal information. To give you assurance that we have dealt with these changes appropriately learn more on the ‘Use of  your Personal Information’.