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Public Governors

If you would like to contact one of our governors you can do so via any of the following:

  • By post send to - Trust Offices, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, Crown Street, Liverpool L8 7SS
  • Telephone - 0151 702 4372
  • Email -
  • Pat Denny - Central Liverpool

  • Peter Norris - Central Liverpool

    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    I wanted to become a Governor because I felt I could contribute by bringing an experienced and local viewpoint. I also believe that active local involvement is vital. Just like every prospective user of the services provided by the Women’s, I want the best for patients and staff. I want them to be happy, confident and feel significant. As members of the community we need to support the hospital, but when necessary we should also put it under tough scrutiny.


    I have lived in Liverpool all my life and have worked for Royal Mail for more than 30 years. I am a trade union official, a member of the Labour Party and studied at the University of Liverpool. I feel these years of working and meeting ordinary people, will help me give them a voice in the workings of the hospital and the service it provides.

    Passionate about

    I am passionate about delivering promises and effective oversight. What is the point of not delivering for people? Broken promises destroy trust. Effective oversight ensures realistic goals.

  • Ruth Nicol - Central Liverpool

    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    I had both of my daughters at Liverpool Women’s and received excellent post-natal care in the weeks afterwards as an outpatient. I’m keen to work together with the Trust, its members and members of the public to continue to improve patient and staff experience and shape service delivery.


    I have a BA in Criminology and Sociology and an MA in Social Work. I’ve worked in Adult Social Care for Liverpool City Council for over ten years. At the start of the pandemic I was seconded to manage a hospital social work team to assist in the safe discharge of vulnerable patients however my current and permanent post is manager on the Care Home Team. I work closely with a number of partners and stakeholders including the Care Quality Commission, NHS organisations and voluntary services. Guided by legislation we work together to promote the rights of service users and improve standards of care for individuals residing in care homes.

    I’m also a qualified Best Interests Assessor and complete Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards assessments for those deprived of their liberty in hospital or care home settings.

    Passionate about

    I’m passionate about people being treated equally and receiving the same high standard of care with no exceptions. I believe people have the right, as far as is possible, to be in control of their own health and wellbeing and should be provided with the information and tools to do so.

  • Vacant - North Liverpool


  • Angela Ranson – South

    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    I was born in Liverpool and have lived here all of my life, passionate about the city and its people, especially the welfare of the female population.

    I have been a patient in the hospital and was so impressed with my care that I wanted to give something back.

    I am passionate, not only about our City, but more importantly, about the people who live in our City, especially our women.

    Having experienced the wonderful care offered by the Liverpool Women’s Hospital I want to give something back, and this is why I became a Governor of this extraordinary Trust. 

    I am now retired, but was formerly employed by a large insurance company in the City. I also served in the Territorial Army, attaining the rank of Major prior to retirement. I have performed several volunteer roles within our community, the most rewarding being as a caseworker for a large charity helping Military Veterans and their families.


    I was formerly part of a management team for a large in house pension scheme. I am a serving Magistrate and a volunteer caseworker for two military charities.

    Passionate about

    Caring for others and helping wherever and whenever I can.



  • Yaroslav Zhukovskyy - Sefton

    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    As a public governor I wish to make a major contribution to the way the Trust relates to its patients and the wider community. Nowadays we have a very difficult situation in the world. We need to combine power between all residents, staff and government to protect our environment, children and vulnerable people. I will try my best to support everyone in my position.


    I am a doctor from Ukraine and have PhD in cardiology. At the moment I am working in Sefton Council in respite children unit. I am also a volunteer at Liverpool Women’s Hospital since March 2019 and help staff and patients.

    Passionate about

    I am passionate about making a difference when I’m involved with a project at work. I want to achieve success and I feel the same way about what I do in my personal life. Also animals are my passion, I have a little Yorkie Toffee and Oscar the cat.

  • Annie Gorski - Sefton

    Awaiting information

  • Olawande Salam - Other public (rest of England and Wales)


    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    My interest in becoming a Governor comes from my intention to contribute to the process of ensuring quality healthcare can be accessed by everyone who needs it.


    I currently work in IT as a Business Analyst/Change Manager and I’ve worked in similar roles for around 10 years within Banking, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Retail.

    Passionate about

    I am passionate about providing sustainable changes to process and procedures regarding the delivery of care to women and children in Liverpool. I also have a passion for engaging with people and informing them of services available to them regarding women's health.

  • Jackie Sudworth - Knowsley

    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    I would like to make a difference to patients and staff at Liverpool Women's Hospital.


    I have 40 years’ experience working for the NHS as a nurse, midwife and disability advisor working with people from secondary, primary and voluntary organisations across the city and beyond.  I developed a service for disabled pregnant women, myself being disabled and mother of two girls.

    Passionate about

    I am passionate about equality. I respect the value and differences we can all make to the patient experience.

  • Iris Cooper - Other public (rest of England and Wales

    Information to follow