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Staff Governors

If you would like to contact one of our governors you can do so via any of the following:

  • By post send to - Trust Offices, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, Crown Street, Liverpool L8 7SS
  • Telephone - 0151 702 4372
  • Email -
  • Adel Soltan- Doctors

    Information coming soon. 

  • John Foley - Clinical & non-clinical support staff
    Reason for becoming a Governor 

    My reason for becoming a Governor is to add to the democratic and governance process of the Trust. Governance is a big issue across corporate UK and insufficient checks and balances can cause damage, so I want to ensure that we as a Trust comply with all the relevant legislation.
    The role of representing my colleagues in the decision making and governance process is one that makes me very proud.

    Ensuring that all staff have representation and are part of the decision making process in the Trust. We have a lot of experience that can and should be used to ensure that the Trust remains a world class organisation proud of its contribution to society.

    Knowledge of Liverpool Women's
    A variety of processes exist in the Trust and one of my shortfalls is not having a deep understanding of all of these. I hope to expand my knowledge by meeting with a lot more staff and intend to raise the profile of governance around the Trust.

    Along with the other staff governors we want to ensure that the requisite checks and balances are in operation as we transit into the new health economy.
    So if you want to know what a Governor does then please give me a call or invite me to one of your team meetings.

    I have had a varied career from being in HM Forces to managing part of the Albert Dock and thereafter the Royal Liver Building to developing the waste and cleaning strategy for Liverpool One.

    This has given me a lot of experience as at every opportunity I have tried to develop myself be that through structured courses or going outside my role to gain experience and knowledge.

    My role is currently split between here and Alder Hey but by using the available technology I can be contacted any time.

  • Pauline Kennedy- Midwives

    Information coming soon. 

  • Gail Mannion - Scientists, Allied Health Professionals & Technicians






    Reason for becoming a Governor  

    I wanted to become a staff governor in order to make an informed contribution to important decisions around the positive development of patient experience at Liverpool Womens Hospital. I am a clinical leader which gives me the opportunity of meeting and working with patients and families as well as understanding the staff and leadership agendas within the Trust. I believe this is a valuable perspective to bring to the Council of Governors. As a genetic counsellor I am delighted to be given the chance to represent the scientists, allied health professionals and technicians on the Council.


    My nurse training at Alder Hey Children’s and Broadgreen Hospital began in 1982. After qualifiying and working at both Alder Hey and Myrtle Street children’s hospitals, I then trained and worked as a health visitor in Liverpool. The privilege of working with families developed my interest in how the science of Genetics impacted on people’s every day lives. I then joined the Clinical Genetics service in 1994, completed a Masters degree in Ethics in Healthcare and registered as a genetic counsellor. Currently, I lead a dynamic team of genetic counsellors within Cheshire and Merseyside Clinical Genetics service at Liverpool Womens.

    Passionate about

    I am passionate about team working and developing people to enable them to meet their full potential. I believe that a competent and confident workfoce is the key to excellence in patient care. Showing respect for individuals is crucial to me and this is fundamental when working with patients, families and staff. I also feel strongly that good basic patient care and excellent customer service should be high on the agenda of any healthcare practitioner. I am proud to be part of my team at Liverpool Women’s.

  • Sharon Owens - Nurses
    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    I want to represent the staff voice in the decisions that affect the care we deliver and the reasons that may prevent this happening.


    I am a registered nurse, trained at Royal Liverpool Hospital and worked at Aintree Trust before joining Liverpool Women’s Hospital in 2008. I have managed the Gynaecology Wards at Aintree and Liverpool Women’s before taking by current post on the Gynaecology Emergency Department.

    Passionate about

    I am passionate about patients experience, staff wellbeing and development.