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Public Governors

If you would like to contact one of our governors you can do so via any of the following:

  • By post send to - Trust Offices, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, Crown Street, Liverpool L8 7SS
  • Telephone - 0151 702 4372
  • Email -
  • Sarah Carroll - Central Liverpool
    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    My main reason of interest in becoming a governor is to learn more about the Trust and to contribute to the community. Having used the women’s on several occasions I want to help ensure everyone has the same positive experience that I did.


    I am a teacher and educational consultant specialising in citizenship and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE).

    Passionate about

    My city, my family, I want to ensure that the services available with the area are high quality and encourage young people to access services.

  • Mary Doddridge - Central Liverpool

    Information to follow

  • Issac Olaitan Okeya - Central Liverpool

    Everyone who attends Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust should leave happy with their babies and treatment. I want to be involved with making that happen. My work in health and social care means I am ideally placed to help Liverpool Women's Hospital achieve its mission and vision. I cherish the excellent work that Liverpool Women's Hospital do in our community and stand as a public governor to ensure that Liverpool Women’s Hospital drive forward quality and service improvements in future years. I will have the opportunity to promote good governance and promote sustainable developments at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, which is one of the most successful foundation trust in our community. I am a former banker, lecturer, former school governor in Liverpool and now a qualified healthcare professional working for NHS.

  • Thania Islam - Central Liverpool

    Information to follow

  • Adrian O'Hara - North Liverpool
    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    I want to be a part of helping to shape the future of Liverpool Women’s Hospital.


    I am a research scientist working at the University of Liverpool.

    Passionate about

    I am passionate about helping the hospital maintain its reputation as a leading place for women’s health and research.

  • Si Jones - North Liverpool

    Information to follow

  • Janet Mayer - South Liverpool

    Information to follow

  • Richard Roberts - South Liverpool
    Information coming soon
  • Carol Anne McBride - Sefton
    Reasons for becoming a Governor

    I am interested in the public service.


    Education, teaching, inspection, consultancy. I have worked in several countries, I now work independently (having been a director of a limited company and employee of the charitable trust for several years. 

    Passionate about

    I am passionate about the quality and integrity of services such as those offered by hospitals like Liverpool Women’s.

  • Pat Speed - Sefton
    Reasons for becoming a Governor 

    To use some of my skills in another setting to give something back.

    I am currently serving as a head teacher of a large primary school in Crosby having served 15 years in the NHS prior to retiring. I have extensive knowledge of issues around personal, the use of data and running a large publically funded organisation.

    I am passionate about quality services around women’s health, I believe in aiming high to achieve greatly.

  • Rev Anne Lawlor - Knowsley

    Information to follow

  • Vacant - Knowsley


  • Dr Aminu Musa Audu - Other public (rest of England and Wales

    I have a passion to contribute in enhancing the health and wellbeing of women, young people, and children. I earned an excellent PhD degree in Sociology at the University of Liverpool, where I have also taught the BA(Hons) Criminology and Security Studies program. My research on the UK-DFID’s community policing initiative has won ‘High praise’ in Britain. I am a certified Community Sighted Guide, Dementia Friend and was a researcher to the CIHR, Canada (funded research) in public health.

    I have received awards for voluntary services in England and I currently serve on the Board of Governors to Smithdown Primary School, where I had served on the Finance, Building and Staffing Committee and most recently commended for my role as Link Governor that helped the school achieved Sanctuary status in the UK.

    My spouse and I had been to the Hospital for a few health issues. We had an amazing experience at the hospital. This has endeared me to this caring institution, a feat I would be proud to identify with.

  • Denise Richardson - Other public (rest of England and Wales

    Reason for becoming a Governor
    I wanted to be a Public Governor at Liverpool Women’s because I am committed the values of public service and want to put something back into the NHS to help make a difference.

    My background is in governance, risk management and patient experience in provider trusts and commissioners. I finished working full time as Head of Patient Safety and Experience in Western Cheshire PCT in December 2012 after 37 years’ service. Since then I have worked short term in various NHS organisations in the North West including previously at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, the major regional centre specialising in the health of women and children.

    I recognise the complexities and challenges being faced by Liverpool Women’s and its staff to ensure the provision of excellent safe care that also delivers positive experiences for users of services. I am enthusiastic and committed to working as part of a team of Governors who are a positive influence on the future of the Trust. I appreciate that the role of a Governor is much wider than my own experience and I want to learn more.

    Passionate about
    I am passionate about the identification, protection and delivery of care for those at risk through effective safeguarding services for children, young people and vulnerable adults.