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by Kathryn Thomson

Chief Executive

Why inspiring leadership is so important for our patients

Our vision at Liverpool Women's is to be the leading healthcare provider for women, babies and their families. We believe the key to that is having inspiring leaders who can support our people to deliver the best service they possibly can for our patients. These are challenging times so the skills set of our leaders needs to be up to date and ready for how we will need to change and adapt our services to better meet your needs. That includes maintaining and improving quality yet within the financial resources available to us.

A large body of research has shown that good leadership leads to a better experience and better results for our patients. That's why we have designed a programme for our top 50 leaders to work and learn together the new skills and approaches they will need to deliver improvements and changes in the current turbulent environment.

Leadership comes at all levels and our commitment to developing all of our people now and in the future is shown by our follow-on leadership development programme in January when a further 60 new and aspiring leaders for the future will begin their development journey.

Of course we also need to look beyond our own hospital and be leading and influencing as an organisation. To that end, we have been actively involved in supporting and shaping the vision for developing the healthcare workforce across the North West. This is to ensure that we champion the development of the wider healthcare workforce as well as our own and ensure that skills and
expertise in the field of women's health are of the highest standard across the whole of the North West.

17 October 2011