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by Anna

What if...? (week 19)

The big scan is next week. This will be when we find out if Little One is OK.

We have been sent a list of abnormalities that will be assessed and some stats on how sensitive the tests are.

Statistically we think we have a pretty good chance of having a healthy baby. Neither Daddy or I smoke, and we are both in good health. I've been taking my supplements; avoiding foods on the naughty list; and my intake of (permitted) fish has gone up exponentially.

Nature can be random though so I am still quite nervous. I'm not just nervous for the results but nervous about how we would deal with bad news, particularly if there were difficult decisions to be made.

I keep imaging the perfect little feet we saw on the dating scan, and how s/he entertains me with kicking.

Daddy is also quite attached (even though s/he still won't dance for him).

Despite our anxieties we are very excited to see Little One again and to see how s/he has changed since the last scan. We want to find out whether it is a girl or boy so all name discussions have been on hold pending the scan.

Excited v Nervous.

All in all we can't wait.

Clinical Comment


 Simon Mehigan Consultant Midwife


Any sort of screening brings with it fears and anxieties around the "what if's". I am glad though that you and your partner have recognised that your anomaly or "20 week" scan as it is sometimes called is actually checking that your baby is developing ok. Some women and their family still view this scan as nothing more than an opportunity to find out the sex of the baby and get some nice pictures.

Some women will receive news they were not expecting at this scan which is made even more distressing if they went for the scan not appreciating what it is actually for. So I would encourage all women to read the information they have been given prior to their scan so that they understand what the staff will be looking for. They can also talk to their midwives if they have any particular concerns in relation to the scan.

If something unexpected is detected then the staff will make sure you are offered the appropriate support which may involve referral to another department such as our Fetal Medicine Unit where a team of specialized doctors and midwives are able to provide support information and further investigations if necessary.

You are doing everything you can Anna to minimize the risks to your baby and statistically the chances of your baby having any sort of abnormality or problem are very low.

Have I made my prediction already? a girl?  Let’s wait and see……

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23 August 2012