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by Anna

Testing.Testing 1,2,3 (week 8)

I have booked my booking appointment at the Women's but it is still a bit surreal.

I'm a little tired but not excessively so, and I have always had a strong affinity for my lovely cosy bed so I don't think that is persuasive evidence on Little One.

The various websites are advising me on how to deal with morning sickness and sore boobs but neither of these apply.

I've told my best friend, and she told me to keep ginger nuts in my drawer at work because they are good for calming sickness. I've eaten some of them, but only because I like them!

I know that I should be thrilled. I remember a colleague at work who spent about 4 months in the toilets looking pale. I am very pleased not to be experiencing any symptoms but at the same time it all feels a bit fake. I'm almost expecting the Dr/ midwife to examine me and say that it is all a mistake. How embarrassing would that be!

I know it has only be a couple of weeks but I am getting used to the idea of Little One and would be quite upset if it turned out there was nothing there.

I've done another test. It is positive.

… but it is from the same triple pack as the two I did initially so it may have been a dud batch!

Clinical comment

 Cathy Atherton Head of Midwifery Cathy Atherton Head of Midwifery

Its not unusual to have the feelings you describe. Many women have exactly those same thoughts at this stage of their pregnancy. It's a real mixture of excitement and anticipation. Don't forget your elevated hormones will also be altering how you think as well at the moment.

Not everyone has pregnancy symptoms and all women are different. If you have a positive pregnancy test and have had no bleeding or unusual abdominal pains then it sounds like all is well. Just enjoy this early pregnancy stage.

11 May 2012