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by Baby blog

Talking to the bump (breastfeeding awareness week)

Extra Time

Alright, I'm done, my due date has been and gone.  I thought I'd be pushing the baby in the pram up the road by now.  Patience!  Not my virtue right now.  'Relax – baby will come when good and ready' I've been told.  I'm taking this opportunity to carry on with our little conversations out loud but (mostly in my head).  Just little plans that I’m making, things that help me relax and organise, running through our first few hours and days when my long anticipated baby boy is here.

Talking to the bump

Doing a bit of reading up myself about becoming a parent.  Lads at work think I’ve gone a bit soft in the head when I tell them I've been talking to and stroking the bump.  I want to be one of the first visions our new baby has.  It relaxes me and his mum and I know that because ‘lecky legs’ responds by kicking and wriggling away. #talk2bump #responsive

01 July 2014