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by Baby blog

Skin to skin


I think I've got it figured out - from now on if he's happy, I'm happy.  Still only a couple of hours since he first arrived and we are all comfortable.  Skin to skin is our opportunity to carry on the conversations I've been having with him for weeks.  I keep talking to him, encouraging him to feed, but more like running through all the tips and signs to look out for to make sure he's getting the best opportunity to feed that he can.  He's so small and dainty, but very strong willed and the strength he has to almost crawl to the breast when he wants to feed is amazing.

Give me some skin man

Skin to skin – love it.  It's the first thing that happened as soon as baby was here safely.  The missus had tons of time and our baby had his first breastfeed, then when she was getting herself more comfortable I took off my shirt and just sat there with little Pelé on my chest.  Amazing. #skintoskin #breastfeeding


Credit to our new born son, he knows what he wants and as long as we respond, we're all good.  When he needs a feed or wanting a cuddle, feeling uncomfortable or needs changing, it's unreal in the signs he is showing.  One person at the hospital said to us, imagine you're waiting at the bar to order a drink and your showing all the signs – trying to make eye contact, got your money ready, front of the queue, you'd get so annoyed if you were ignored, well that's the same for baby. They show all the signs and if we, as parents don't respond we've missed the opportunity to keep him happy.  Watch, take notice, respond - He's happy, we're happy. #responsiveparenting #feedingcues #breastfeeding

03 September 2014