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Liverpool Women's

Self-Check-In service

From April 2014 Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust will implement a Self-Check-In service to make it quicker and easier for you to check-in for your appointment.

What is it?

Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust is committed to providing a positive patient experience and the Trust is always striving for innovative ways of improving your experience.

The Self-Check-In service is designed to make your visit less time consuming and more enjoyable.

The kiosks are quick and simple to use and provide you with guidance on where to go within the clinic.

The service allows you to update your address and telephone number using the Self-Check-In kiosk to make sure we have the right information and you can also choose from up to eight different languages in order to make the process as easy as possible for you.


How does it work?

To save you time on arrival at reception, there is now a simple, quick and easy way to check-in.

You do not need to see the receptionist unless the touch screen asks you to.
The procedure is as follows:

  • Touch the screen with your finger as indicated 
  • Select whether you are male or female 
  • Enter your date of birth and select confirm 
  • The touch screen will then ask you to check your details. (You can update these if they are incorrect).

The touch screen will then either: 

  • Confirm your appointment and provide you with a card showing your appointment number and   waiting area. Then take a seat in the waiting area shown on your card and wait for your number to be displayed on the TV screen. Once your number has been called please go to the room number displayed on the TV screen. 
  • Or ask you to go to reception

Coming soon...
Liverpool Women’s will soon be introducing a Virtual Assistant, a next generation digital signage solution, designed to assist you in using the Self Check-In kiosks. This is done by an image projection to create the illusion of a real person that will provide information and advice about your health and wellbeing and also information about Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Look out for this service soon!

27 February 2014