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by Kathryn Thomson

Chief Executive

Remembering Margaret by helping other women

In my job I have the pleasure of meeting lots of people, many of them, celebrities, politicians and even Royalty. The most memorable people I meet though are those who have 'real' stories to tell. They are not rich or famous, just ordinary, decent people who have a need to use our services at Liverpool Women's Hospital.
Recently, I met with Tommy Lloyd and his two sons, Liam and Mark, along with a small group of their close friends. Tommy's wife Margaret was treated at Liverpool Women's for ovarian cancer - unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer in 2009 but Margaret's family and friends were so grateful for the care and treatment that she received at the Women's that they decided to fundraise, in her memory. Margaret's family have gone on to raise an incredible £30,000 for our charity EVOC which will be used to support other women facing a cancer diagnosis.
EVOC is a unique support group for women whose lives have been affected by gynaecological cancer. It offers ongoing support and friendship, "feel-good" therapies and recovery advice to around 550 women from Merseyside and Cheshire who are treated for the disease at the hospital every year. It also raises awareness about gynaecological cancer and organises fund raising events to help refurbish palliative care facilities on our gynaecology unit.
Tommy and his family and friends, all 'real' Liverpool people, truly are inspirational. Thank you Tommy - I am sure Margaret would be very proud of what you have achieved.

08 June 2012