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by Baby blog

Preseason Friendly v Qualifying Round (breastfeeding awareness week)

Preseason Friendly

I’m loving these final few weeks before it all literally kicks off.  I’m a bit done with all this world cup stuff going on, but I’ve just been focusing on staying well but also getting as much information about becoming a new mum as I can.  Parenting classes, breastfeeding workshops, joined a couple of forums and facebook page ‘likes’ to see what I’m in for.  I’m taking all the stuff that starts with ‘my sister said that…’ with a pinch of salt. 

Qualifying Round

Well we’re in the final stages of this baby business – and what a business it is.  Tell you what, there’s some money to be made in this parenting lark, if you believe all you read.  The nursery is getting its final touches by the missus.  We both painted the spare room last week, don’t know why we bothered actually because I was listening at the parent workshop we went to the other week and our striker is going to be sleeping in the same room as us for ages yet.  Call him the striker because he’s been kicking like a good ‘un the last few weeks of this pregnancy.  I think that there’s not much room left in that belly of hers. #excited #newdad2B

30 June 2014