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No Smoking Day 8th March

Liverpool Women’s Hospital is supporting No Smoking Day 2023

As a No Smoking Hospital this year is not just about supporting smokers in our services and in our communities but also in our workplaces. The single best thing a smoker can do to improve their health is to stop.

Quitting can add as much as a decade to life expectancy. Smoking can cause 16 types of cancer, heart disease, COPD and stroke. However, fewer people realise that smoking is also a significant risk factor for dementia.

It’s estimated that the average smoker takes 30 quit attempts to succeed. So Never Give Up on Giving Up! Every time you try to stop smoking, you’re a step closer to success.

While smokers are the most important people to hear this message about quitting on No Smoking Day, I also want those working at Liverpool Women’s Hospital to know how important their messages and support to smokers are and what a difference they can make to both mother and babies health. Smokers are more likely to try and quit if advised to by a trusted health professional and given advice about the most effective ways to stop.

Even if you have tried before, don’t give up on quitting smoking! If you’ve tried to quit in the past and haven’t been successful -don’t worry, you’re not alone. This No Smoking Day is the perfect time to give it another go at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Rebecca Lim

Smoking Cessation Midwife

08 March 2023