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Latest updates as Liverpool Women's Hospital gradually returns to normal

Updated 10:30am 02/12/2021

Our main entrance area and patient car park are now open. Patients will be permitted to enter the hospital to wait inside when they arrive prior to an appointment. For full details on these latest changes CLICK HERE





Liverpool Women’s Launches Strategy for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals

This week Liverpool Women’s Hospital launched its Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Strategy for the next five years.

The Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Strategy is a five year plan to provide a framework aligned with the vision, aims and values of Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust. The overarching vision of the strategy is to enable Nurses, Midwives and AHPs to provide the best safe quality care to all women, babies, families and carers. The strategy is flexible and responsive to meet the needs of our population and the Nursing, Midwifery and AHP workforce with measurable outcomes to monitor success.

The NHS is going through challenging times and this strategy will support and give clear direction and focus to the Nursing, Midwifery and AHP teams, building on the already excellent care that is delivered daily.

Caron Lappin, Director of Nursing & Midwifery at Liverpool Women’s Hospital said “I am proud to introduce the Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Strategy 2020-25. The strategy has been developed over the last year following engagement and contributions from a wide variety of staff, patients and key stakeholders. The strategy is flexible and responsive to meet the needs of our population and staff.

"Nurses, Midwives and AHPs are such important roles for delivering care to our women, babies and families. We all have a responsibility to provide the highest quality of care for all including our staff. This strategy gives a clear vision that is driven by quality and safety.

"I look forward to overseeing the delivery of this strategy and hope that you will all work collaboratively to ensure actions are delivered and we can demonstrate improvements and celebrate all that we do.”

Following extensive engagement across the Trust, external stakeholders, women, patients and families six key areas of focus have been developed: WE CARE

W- Workforce

E- Experience

C- Compassionate Communication

A- Ambition

R- Research

E- Excellence

All staff were invited to attend the celebration launch event that included stands of information from each of the Nursing, Midwifery and AHP services. Staff also had an opportunity to share why they care about their role at Liverpool Women’s, what is important to them, what makes them proud and as Liverpool Women’s celebrates its 25 years to share their special memories from over the years.

As 2020 also marks the Year of the Nurse and Midwife the day concluded with Florence’s Lamp commencing its journey through Liverpool Women’s Hospital services. Each month the lamp will move onto another nursing and midwifery team, travelling along a patient’s journey. The lamp was handed over to The Hewitt Fertility Centre team where some of the hospitals patients first start their journey.

You can follow the journey of the lamp on social media using #LWHFlorencesLamp.

31 January 2020