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Liverpool Women’s delivers improved maternity survey results

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust has received its Maternity survey results for 2023 and the Trust has performed better compared to last year in several areas.   

The NHS Patient Survey Programme (NPSP) is commissioned by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to collect feedback across a number of patient surveys each year, including a maternity survey.

This year’s maternity survey looked at the experiences of over 25,000 people who received maternity care in NHS hospitals between January and February 2023. The survey received responses from 213 people at Liverpool Women’s for their views on antenatal care, labour and birth, and postnatal care.  

The maternity survey is designed to mirror people’s journey through the hospital. The survey enables the Trust to compare its current performance against historical results and to benchmark against other NHS organisations.

Patients were asked for feedback about a range of issues and Liverpool Women’s significantly improved its scores compared to last year in four areas of the survey as well as maintaining overall performance in all other areas.

There were significant improvements relating to the time women felt they had to ask questions within their antenatal care, and the midwifery team’s awareness of the medical history of women and their babies.  

Dianne Brown, Chief Nurse at Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust, said: "We are pleased to see improved performance compared to last year’s results in a number of areas. This reflects the hard work and dedication of staff within our Maternity service to provide the very best care to women and families. This is a result of a range of measures we have been implementing over the last year including positive recruitment, allowing partners to stay in the hospital 24/7, and continuous engagement with our service users to regularly act on feedback received.

“As always, we know there are some areas where the Trust could have performed better and many of these are areas where we have been focussing attention on recently, to make improvements. These will now be focussed on further with the expectation of achieving even better results in the year ahead, as well as maintaining the quality in areas where we have performed well this year.”   

In addition to the annual maternity survey, the Trust also works closely with its local Maternity and Neonatal Voices Partnership (MNVP) all year round to listen to women and families continuously and to regularly act on feedback to make required improvements.

Thank you to those patients who took the time to complete the survey.

All individual NHS Trust reports are available on the CQC website via the link below (Trusts are listed A-Z): 

09 February 2024