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by Anna



I'm Anna, I am a 32 year old mum to be and a patient at the Women's. Pregnancy is a first for both me and "Daddy".

I am really excited about writing a blog about my pregnancy and Little One's journey.

I felt that there was so much information available on the internet but what I really wanted to know was what was going to happen in my pregnancy and how were things done by my Hospital/midwife. My internet research was semi helpful although I had to sort through the sites trying to sell me stuff and those that were full of unsolicited old wives tales to find decent information.

Although I found some useful information on the internet, most of it was fairly generic giving a rough idea at what happens nationally and a very rough idea about what might happen at your hospital but nothing specific. I fed this back to the Women's and discussed the sort of information I would have liked to have found. The outcome is this blog.

I’m  not medically trained and this isn’t going to be a medical blog, it is just my journey from Girl About Town to Yummy (I hope) Mummy. It will probably follow a similar path to many other patients at the Women's so I hope that some of you reading this will relate.

Anna (and Little One)

p.s If you want to get in touch then please do so by sending an email to

Clinical comment

 Cathy Atherton Head of Midwifery Cathy Atherton Head of Midwifery

Hi Anna,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your introduction blog is really useful.  Realising that being pregnant for the first time can be exciting yet apprehensive, especially regarding the ‘what happens when’ process. It was interesting to read about your search for information and the difficulties you had finding meaningful information in those very early days.

We can address this by adding this to our own website, ensuring that evidence based information is readily available for women and their families, including a step by step approach to accessing care as well as important health issues. We will be dedicating time to this over the next few months.

19 March 2012