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Home and away we go

Home and away we go

Ok, so we're indoors now.  At home everything seems like it will work.  I'm ready for the times when I'll have a bit of a wobble.  I know who to call if I need help and I know my fella is trying his very best.  He’s a treasure – but if he offers me one more cup of tea – I'll bury him!

Is that world cup still on??

Home Advantage

Got my new family back home, sooner than I thought, but all is good - breastfeeding - another skill of women that I'm in awe of.  It seems to be working, hard work and a LOT of practice and I feel like I'm getting the supportive role right.  Kudos to me!  Nah, I'm joking, it's a fine line I think between being encouraging and realistic.  We both want to do the best by the little fella and as long as I keep that in the back of my mind and a cup of tea and a biscuit in front of my hero, my missus then we're all good.  Had to have a word with both our families and we’ve agreed that they hold off visiting for a day or so till we feel like we've more of a grip on the situation – and that we can string a sentence together without wanting to fall asleep.

World Cup Football – what's that??

04 September 2014