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Gynaecology Emergency Department (GED) Temporary Relocation

From 9am on Thursday 29th August to 6am on Monday 2nd September 2019 the Gynaecology Emergency Department (GED) will be temporarily relocated.

Where will GED be temporarily relocated to?

During this short period GED services will be delivered from the Urogynaecology Outpatients Department, Area F, located on the ground floor near to the GED entrance.

This will take affect from 9am on Thursday 29th August to 6am on Monday 2nd September 2019.

If you have already booked into GED before 9am on Thursday 29th August you will be transferred by a member of staff to the Urogynaecology Outpatients Department where you will be seen and discharged.

Please note: no new patients will be seen in GED after 9am on the 29th August, if you access the service after this time please go to Urogynaecology Outpatients on the ground floor.

GED will still be open as a 24 hour service during this period.

Why is this taking place?

The temporary relocation of the GED is taking place to allow for urgent repairs to be carried out to the flooring of the department.

Who can attend the Gynaecology Emergency Department (GED)?

If you are not pregnant but have abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, you can attend this unit if you feel your case is an emergency, otherwise you should call 111 for further advice or see your General Practitioner (GP) to be assessed and they can discuss your case with the on-call gynaecology team if required.

All other emergencies should attend a general accident and emergency department.

Who should I contact if I have any concerns?

If you have any questions, queries or concerns during this time please request to speak with the Shift Leader on duty whilst you are with us.

Any other concerns during the temporary relocation period should be directed to the Trust’s main switchboard on 0151 708 9988.

We apologise for the temporary inconvenience this will cause and would like to thank our staff, patients, and visitors for your co-operation during this time.




27 August 2019