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by Baby blog



The baby is here, actually here, no really…here – I'm quite in awe, shocked, pleased, delighted and not without amazing respect for all mothers everywhere. 

No time to waste, skin to skin just after the birth was sweet.  Photos, tears, tea and toast were all happening around me.  Couldn't care less – I had my sweet boy right here, on me feeling all safe and secure and then with a little guidance the first breastfeed just kind of happened.  I've done the class, I've read the leaflet but it was still truly amazing.  Baby Pele only has a tiny belly, so no need for a three course dinner at this point – but it was a good start.

They think it's all over
It is now!

Labour and delivery. I understand why they call it labour – it was hard work, and that was just me!  The missus did well, she was exceptional.  I'm in awe of her, all women in fact, respect to all mothers out there.

02 September 2014