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Gender neutral toilets at Liverpool Women’s

We are aware of some inaccurate information being circulated on social media regarding the Trust’s patient and visitor toilets.

As an inclusive organisation that respects equality and diversity, in early December 2019, the Trust converted ONE female patient/visitor toilet facility in the main reception area into a gender neutral toilet.

Gender neutral toilets benefit many patients and visitors who come through our doors who may need to be accompanied by a friend or family member of the opposite sex including; people with disabilities, the elderly, and children.

To clarify, these recent changes relate to ONE female toilet facility in the main reception area that was converted to a gender neutral toilet and the decision to convert a female toilet rather than a male toilet was simply because we did not feel it appropriate to have male urinals in the same space as single cubicles. The gender neutral toilet offers three separate cubicles for privacy. 

Please note there are still a number of separate female and male toilets in the main reception area and around the hospital site on all floors to give people a choice. The nearest separate female toilet is 30 metres away from the gender neutral toilet. Clinical areas operate separate male and female toilets and are not affected by any of these changes.

23 December 2019