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by Liverpool Women's

Liverpool Women's

Free WiFi at the Women's

Liverpool Women's Hospital has introduced free wireless internet access - also known as WiFi - in a bid to further improve the experience of its patients and their families. Visitors to the hospital will be able to use the service to access their emails, social media and for web searching at no cost.


Dianne Brown, Director of Nursing and Midwifery at Liverpool Women's, said: "After listening to suggestions from staff and patients alike we have decided to provide WiFi access in all areas of the hospital. This service will allow patients to keep in touch with their friends and relatives via email or on social media, and will make it even easier for them to share their good news and stay in touch with the outside world. We're sure that the provision of this service will be another reason for women and their families to choose Liverpool Women's as the place to receive care." 
David Walliker, Chief Information Officer at Liverpool Women's, said: "As a Trust we're absolutely dedicated to being innovative and to looking for new ways to enhance the experience of our patients and their families wherever possible. This can be anything from installing state of the art virtual assistants to reduce waiting times in our clinics, to investing in the very IVF technology to offer patients of our Hewitt Fertility Centre their very best chance of a successful pregnancy.”

18 February 2015