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by Liverpool Women's

Liverpool Women's

Don't be frightened of offending your wife - it could save her life, says Dave

A Liverpool husband has urged other men not to be shy if they think their partners are putting on too much weight around their stomach area. While the women might be offended, drawing attention to it could save a partner's life, says Dave Kristiansen from Walton.

Dave, 42, had noticed for weeks last summer that his wife 36-year-old wife Rose seemed to be developing a large belly. She wasn't pregnant so Dave thought she was putting on the pounds.

"I could see it was happening. But what man is going to tell his wife he thinks she is putting on weight?  You don't want to be seen to be criticising her. It's a very sensitive thing,"  says Dave.

It was only when Rose decided to go to her GP in October, 2013, because of other symptoms like breathlessness, tiredness and pain that they discovered the truth. Rose had Ovarian Cancer and her swollen stomach was a classic symptom although neither Dave or Rose had realised that.

"I only wish I'd said something earlier," said Dave who was as shocked as Rose when they heard the news. "But she had had problems with water infections and kidney pain in the past and we assumed that was the reason for the pain."

27 March 2014