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by Anna

Crime Scene Toes (week 29)

Little One and I were up for a proper girly night out I was struck with the realisation that my toes were as naked as a male stripper at a hen party. As we were actually going to a hen do the naked toes simply wouldn’t do.

To recap, I'm now 29 weeks and although I don't quite share a profile with Mr Nosey from the Mr Men so I can hardly be blamed for not realising my toes were a mess sooner. After all, it has been a while since I have seen them properly!
It was no mean feat and despite my best contortionist moves (hooray for my ante natal exercise DVD!) my toes looked more "CSI" than "Pretty fly". Daddy wasn't even about to help (although that is probably a bit of a mixed blessing as I suspect he would probably have done an even worse job.

Starting to feel nostalgic about seeing my toes...and feeling comfortable wearing heels for a whole night...and not looking portly...

08 January 2013