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by Kathryn Thomson

Chief Executive

Could your special staff member or team win our "Oscar"? - help us find our stars by voting for them here!

Vote for your 'star' today!

We've had the BAFTAS, the BRITS and the Oscars. Now here at Liverpool Women's, we're preparing for our own "Night of the Stars" in April. That’s when we reward some of our amazing staff at our Focussing on Excellence Awards.

This is always a fabulous event when people from every section of the Trust are nominated for a whole range of awards in recognition of their outstanding achievements. These can be simple, everyday things which can have a real impact on patients, be it an idea or very dedicated care.

It can be research or innovation impacting on women and babies for decades to come. It could be a team award for a service which transforms patients’ lives, giving them hope or comfort when they need it most.

The diversity of nominations is astonishing and showcases many of the exciting things going on behind the scenes at Liverpool Women’s by people who are completely focussed on improving patients’ experience and outcomes.

We consider the award voted for by patients and public to be one of the most important. "Thank-you" cards with fulsome praise adorn many of our departments. But this is a chance to go that step further and translate that appreciation into a vote for your particular "star" who made you or a family member feel special, safe and important.

Last year nominations flooded in for staff who made a lasting impression. Those for a member of our midwifery support staff were supported by quotes like: "This woman was clearly born to do what she does. She has the most amazing ability to empathise and advise without seeming patronising or intrusive."

Another patient said of her community midwife: "She immediately won my confidence and guided me through what turned out to be a difficult pregnancy. She was always thorough and attentive and highly professional."

Yet another described help in the face of a sad loss: "The staff who cared for me and my family are still playing a vital role in my grieving process and have made it easier for me to return to the hospital. They are so genuinely caring and compassionate."

So why not vote now for your personal "star" and allow us to recognise a special person. I look forward to reading your entries!

27 February 2012