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Advice during upcoming doctors’ industrial action (19-22 September & 2-5 October 2023)

Industrial action by hospital consultants and junior doctors is scheduled to take place between 19-22 September and 2-5 October. Some of our services may be impacted.

Unless you are advised otherwise, please attend the hospital as normal for any appointments or procedures. 

Further details and advice during these periods can be found HERE.

by Anna

Community Midwife (week 37)

Back to the community midwife again at the GP surgery. Everything was going so well... good strong heart beat, good urine, I'm all well... until the tape measure came out. My bump measurement was the same as two weeks ago.

The midwife said that this could indicate that there is something wrong, such as Little One not having enough fluid to swim around in. As all the other checks were reassuring she was not urgently worried but she said that they would review in a week’s time and if there were any niggles they would do another scan.

On the plus side Little One is still in a good position.

I didn't think much of it at the session but now that I am thinking about it I am a little anxious, especially as she was fairly diddy on the recent scan. As long as I keep feeling regular movement from Little One I feel relaxed. So far she is playing nicely.

Clinical Comment

 Simon Mehigan Consultant Midwife

Don't worry; your baby's movements are one of the most reassuring signs that your baby is ok. For many years we used to tell women that they should have at least 10 movements a day, but we now recognize that every woman and baby is different so instead we advise that if you notice a reduction in your baby’s movement that you should get in touch. We will probably invite you into the hospital so that one of the midwives can check everything is ok.

Measuring your bump is one of the ways we can detect if your baby is growing well. If the midwives are concerned about the measurement or if it appears the baby is no longer growing then you will be referred for another scan. It sounds like in your case the midwife thinks you may have "olihydramnious" which mean there isn't enough fluid around your baby. There are many different reasons this could happen and if scans confirm that there is too little fluid then you will see one of our doctors who will try and determine the cause, and make a plan with you about how to manage the rest of your pregnancy. This plan might include more frequent scans or in some instances we may suggest inducing your labour.

Let's wait and see what happens at your next appointment...

Do you have a question for Anna or Simon? If so please email us at or alternatively use the feedback tool at the bottom of this page.

26 February 2013