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by Anna

Community Midwife (week 33)

I'm now nicely in the swing of "pregnancy". My maternity cover has started at the office and I'm starting to wind down my work. Things are starting to feel more and more real as the end is in sight. I know I have been quite lucky with my bump in that Little One has been kind to me.

It is a strange mix of emotions. With each week that passes things get scarier as Little One's birthday gets more imminent. Strangely though we also get more relaxed the further on we get as I feel that if Little One came out early at least she would have a good chance of being OK. Don't get me wrong there is no way I would choose to meet Little One early but I feel like she is now a baby living inside me rather than a little foetus. 

The appointment with the community midwife was uneventful. Little One did her usual circus act in the waiting room and strong performance during the examination and all was well.

There wasn't really a lot to say at this session. I am waiting to have a further scan to check the position of the placenta. If my placenta is still low then I will probably have an elective c-section so there is no point really thinking about birth plans yet.

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22 January 2013